How Much Does Carpet Cost

Let’s Talk About A Few Different Scenarios.

Prices in these examples are based on a 3-bedroom house with a Family Room and 3 Bedrooms with closets. It took 630 Square Feet of Carpet.

If you are moving then you are looking for carpet that looks great but doesn’t cost a lot. You are going to stay in the $3.00 to $4.00 per foot range. $1,890 - $2,520. Ask Us About Our Exclusive Home Seller’s Dream Program Where You Pay Nothing Until Your House Is Sold
OK I get it. You want to do something as cheap as possible. Typically, people go for the $3.00 per foot carpet but you should consider either a $5.00 per foot carpet or we can show you Renter’s Planks, so you never have to replace carpet again. $1,890 - $3,150
Note: At Carpets Of Arizona We Don’t Carry Carpet For Under $3.00 Per Foot. We Stand Behind Everything We Do And Sell And We Don’t Sell Any Cheap Builder Grade Carpet.
There are decent carpets in the $5 per foot range but you want to be in the $6.25 - $9.00 Per Foot Range. Typically, the amount you need is much more than 630 sq. ft. but just to stay consistent the quote for you would be $3,937 - $5,670
You can get 20 plus years out of your carpet if you choose the right one. You’re still pretty much into that $6.25 - $9.00 Per Foot Range

Here Are a Few Other Considerations

Berber or Pattern Carpet – You need to add 10% so the installer can match up the pattern. Super Thick or Soft Carpet Usually Runs $7.00 to $12.00 per Foot
Stairs cost a little more to cover because of all the additional cutting and labor.

I hope this helps give you an idea of price. We would like to give you an accurate price based on the materials you want and the amount of carpet you need.

Our Goal is not to be the cheapest, but instead to give you -

  • The 5 Star Experience
  • The You’ll Love Your Carpet Guarantee
  • The Adam Experience – Your Flooring Concierge
  • Free Pad Upgrade
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Installation
  • Free Tear Out and Removal and Disposal
  • D.U.M.M.B.O. Spray – To Give You A Fresh Clean Floor to Install Your New Carpet On.
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