The Best Carpet Guarantee in Arizona

At Carpets of Arizona, our Mission is “To be Arizona’s premier home service provider by delivering a world-class experience to our clients and providing a fantastic culture for our dedicated employees to thrive”.

Love Your Carpet Guarantee
Small Family Owned Business. NO ONE OVER 5'6"

This is why we offer the Carpets of Arizona Love Your Carpet Guarantee.

Don’t like the color, style or texture of your carpet after it’s installed?
We’ll replace it for FREE

Say you’re having trouble deciding between two colors of carpet, we’ll call them color A and color B. You look at both colors in all sorts of different lighting scenarios and finally settle on color A. We get it ordered, we come out to install and you see that first room installed and your heart stops. “Oh no, I should have picked B!” That’s NO PROBLEM at Carpets of Arizona.

If you’re anything like our past clients, you’re sitting there thinking “What’s the catch?”

So that we’re completely open and honest, here are all the ‘fine print’ details regarding the Love Your Carpet Guarantee:

  • The original invoice must be paid in full.
  • You must make us aware that you wish to utilize the ‘Love Your Carpet Guarantee’ within 30 days of the Installation.
  • Your new carpet selection must be of equal or lessor value and from the same manufacturer. If you want to upgrade your carpet at this point you will only pay the difference on the retail price. (example: You purchase a carpet that is $7.36/sqft and re-select a carpet that is $8.36/sqft, you would pay the difference of $1/sqft)

That’s it. Not too much ‘fine print’ there because at Carpets of Arizona it’s not enough to just have happy customers, we want to wow you with our service and make you a RAVING FAN!